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Handknits Crafted to Perfection by Artisans for Your Fashion Brand

Production limitations shouldn't hold back your
Knitwear Designs and Visions.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you ready to find a manufacturing partner who truly understands your vision?

I’m Danielle, here to help your designs become hand-knitted masterpieces.

I’ve felt the challenges of creative constraints and the frustration of manufacturing limitations. I’ve seen visions dimmed by the industry’s rigid norms and ethical dilemmas.

Fast forward to today. I have perfected the methods and mastered the art of hand-knit fashion excellence. Leading the KOCO team, we’ve supported brands to grow on global stages, transforming both ambitious and simple designs into beautiful, wearable fashion.

I’ve been doing this for 15 years with the world’s elite labels. With a team of skilled artisans by my side, we are here to do it for you.

Let’s weave your vision into the future of the fashion world, together. 

KOCO Knitting Danielle Chiel

Some of Our Brand Partners:

Some of Our Brand Partners:

KOCO Knitting Melke NYC
KOCO Knitting Alix of Bohemia
KOCO Knitting Erik Yvon
KOCO Knitting Bode
KOCO Knitting Bav Tailor
KOCO Knitting Jil Sander
KOCO Knitting Wolfgang Scout

How KOCO Knitting Services Can Support You:

Hand-Knitted Garment Manufacturing

Expertly Crafted for Orders Up to 1000+

Small Order
Custom Hand-Knits

Pattern Writing and Production

Yarn Sourcing and
Yarn Supply

Access to Yarns from All Around the World

Your Creativity Deserves Uncompromised Quality and Flexibility

Bespoke Hand-Knitting

Unique, artisan-quality garments, enhancing brand prestige and appeal

Expert Pattern Writing and Development

Technical expertise to translate designs into production-ready knittable patterns.

Custom Yarn Selection

Access to a wide range of premium and innovative yarns, allowing for truly customised collections.

No Minimum Order Requirement

Flexibility in order sizes so designers can experiment with limited editions or exclusive designs.

Quality Assurance Procedures

Rigorous quality control at every stage of production consistently delivers high-quality garments.

Scalable Production Capabilities

Ability to scale orders up or down based on consumer demand and market trends.

Here’s your shortcut to fashion industry success…

The KOCO Artisanal Vision-to-Wear Framework for Your Brand's Hand-Knitted Garments

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Contact us to schedule an online meeting. During this call, we’ll discuss your design vision, specific needs, and any questions you might have about the hand-knitting process, materials, and timelines. This is a no-obligation opportunity for us to understand your brand's unique requirements and for you to learn how we can tailor our services to meet your goals.

Bespoke Design and Planning

We collaborate with you to craft a tailored plan to bring your knitwear designs to life, selecting the perfect yarns and setting clear timelines. We ensure every detail aligns with your vision and brand values. We streamline the planning process, making it seem effortless. We translate your designs into hand-knitted realities, from pattern writing to sample production, ensuring a seamless integration from concept to prototype.

The Artisanal Excellence Delivery

Once the designs and samples are approved, we commence the hand-knitting production process. Our skilled artisans begin crafting your garments, adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Throughout the production process, we maintain open lines of communication, providing updates and ensuring transparency. Seamless delivery is arranged for your orders.

See directly how some of our recent clients made an impact with hand-knitted garments

KOCO Hand-Knitted Garments Melke NYC

Melke’s collaboration with KOCO began with a blend of creativity and innovation, integrating unique appliques from Ukraine with our hand-knitted garments. Through continuous support and tailored yarn solutions, we’ve amplified Melke’s creative vision, resulting in increasingly distinctive and inspired collections year after year.

Melke NYC

USA 🇺🇸

Jil Sander’s encounter with KOCO began a creative partnership where KOCO crafted unique jumpers—initially for runway showpieces featuring unusually long fringes. This collaboration expanded as Jil Sander entrusted us with further knitwear projects, celebrating a shared commitment to quality and design.

Jil Sander

KOCO Hand-Knitted Garments Wolfgang Scout

KOCO mastered an intricate cable knit design for Wolfgang Scout, creating exceptional Merino wool jumpers that set a global benchmark for quality. This partnership highlighted KOCO’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, leaving a lasting mark in prestigious boutiques across Australia.

Wolfgang Scout

KOCO Hand-Knitted Garments Toast

Toast’s partnership with KOCO, sparked by an inspiring encounter, has evolved into a longstanding relationship rooted in ethical craftsmanship. Together, we’ve produced unique knitwear collections that embody our artisans’ skills and Toast’s commitment to distinctive, sustainable fashion.


UK 🇬🇧

Crafting Luxury, One Stitch at a Time

hand-knitted garments
Global Brand Partners

How is KOCO Knitting Different?


  • Hand-knitted craftsmanship
  • Customisable designs and flexibility
  • Integrated sustainability and ethical practices
  • Direct collaboration with skilled designers
  • Transparent communication throughout
  • Rapid prototyping for market testing
  • Flexible production schedules
  • Wide range of high-quality yarns
  • Global shipping with a personal touch

With Others

  • Machine-dependent production
  • Limited design flexibility due to machinery
  • Sustainability may be compromised
  • Impersonal production processes
  • Limited or formal communication
  • Samples are produced based on orders
  • Fixed schedules, less responsive to market needs
  • Materials used are manufactured by that mill only
  • Bulk packing and shipping procedures