Hand-Knitted Garment Manufacturing

Expertly Crafted for Orders Up to 1000+

Hand-Knitted Garment Manufacturing at KOCO Knitting

Expertly Crafted for Orders from 1 to 1000+

At KOCO Knitting, we blend artisan skill with bespoke production capabilities to deliver consistently high quality hand-knitted garments. Catering to a wide array of fashion brands, from boutique labels to established houses, our services are tailored to bring your creative visions to life without compromise.

Why Choose KOCO Knitting?

Quality Hand-Knitted Craftsmanship

Every garment is a testament to the exceptional skills of our artisans. From intricate patterns to the finest finishes, our pieces embody luxury and detail that only hand-knitting can achieve. Experience the unmistakable feel of true artisanal craft in every stitch — akin to the warmth and unique touch of a homemade cake.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you need a single prototype or a full run of 1000 pieces, our production scales to your needs without sacrificing quality. Our flexible approach ensures you can test market demand with limited editions before extending to larger volumes, offering a practical solution to fashion’s dynamic pace. Best selling garments can be topped up during the season.

KOCO’s Clientele Categories

We cater to diverse needs within the fashion industry:

  • Connoisseurs of Handknit For brands that recognise the unparalleled quality of hand-knitted textures and are looking to infuse an indulgent feel into their collections.
  • Eco-Conscious Brands For those who value ethical production and want their brand to contribute positively to the world, highlighting an engaging story.
  • Designers Facing Production Constraints For small to medium enterprises struggling with the high minimums of machine knitting, offering them flexibility and customisation.
  • Yarn Producers and Designers For clients needing expert pattern writing and prototype development to showcase their yarns.


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Our Commitment to Excellence

At KOCO Knitting, we are not just manufacturers; we are partners in your creative journey. With our deep understanding of the textile industry’s nuances and a robust process tailored for flexibility and quality, we ensure that every piece not only meets the market’s demand but also exceeds it. Connect with us today to discover how our hand-knitted garment manufacturing services can enhance your fashion line.

What Sets Us Apart?

Feature Benefits
Artisanal Quality Superior texture and feel with every piece handcrafted with care, reflecting true artisanal craftsmanship.
No Minimum Order Requirement Start small or scale up – perfect for testing new designs or launching exclusive collections without volume constraints.
Customisation and Flexibility Complete customization from yarn selection to stitch design, tailored precisely to your brand’s needs.
Ethical Production Committed to supporting artisan communities with fair practices, aligning with modern brand values of sustainability.
English as a First Language Led by a native English speaker, ensuring clear, precise communication with Western brands, minimising misunderstandings and ensuring accurate fulfillment of design specifications.
Centralised Quality Control All artisans work from a central location, enhancing consistency and quality control across all products.
Exclusive Pattern Writing Unique to our facility, each knitter follows detailed patterns for every garment size and design, reducing errors and avoiding the need for machine blocking, which ensures the integrity and longevity of each piece.
No Machine Use We avoid all machine use in the production process, supporting a chemical-free environment and ensuring that garments maintain their shape and quality over time.
Hand-sewn Finishing Every piece is finished by hand, without the use of linking machines or other mechanical aids, highlighting our commitment to traditional craftsmanship and superior garment quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions   |   Hand-Knitted Garment Manufacturing

All your questions about hand-knitted garment manufacturing…

What types of garments can KOCO Knitting manufacture?We specialise in a wide variety of hand-knitted garments, including sweaters, scarves, hats, coats, vests and bespoke fashion pieces tailored to your specifications.
What is the maximum order size you can handle?We can handle orders of up to 1000 pieces—or more, offering the same artisanal quality and attention to detail, regardless of order size.
Can I provide my own yarn for manufacturing?Yes, clients can supply their own yarn, and we take care of importing it into India. We also offer extensive yarn-sourcing options to meet specific project needs.
How long does production take for a typical order?Production times vary based on order size and complexity. Please contact us for a detailed timeline based on your specific needs.
Do you offer design consultation services?Yes, we offer design consultations to help translate your concepts into hand-knitted designs that are both practical and stylish.
Can I request samples before committing to a full order?Absolutely! We encourage clients to request samples to ensure satisfaction with the design, quality, and feel of the product before full-scale production.
How do you ensure quality in large orders?Our quality assurance process includes rigorous checks at every stage of production to maintain high standards across all garments, regardless of order size.

What are your payment terms for large orders?

We typically require a deposit to begin production, with the balance due upon order completion. Specific terms can be discussed during the consultation.

Can you accommodate urgent or rush orders?

Depending on our production schedule and the complexity of your order, we strive to meet client deadlines. Please discuss your specific requirements with us directly.

How do you handle international shipping?

We ship worldwide and handle all logistics, ensuring your order arrives safely and in a timely manner. Shipping costs and times vary by destination.


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Hand-Knitted Garment Manufacturing

Expertly Crafted for Orders Up to 1000+

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