Tom Daley’s Unofficial Ambassadorship for Hand Knitting

Tom Daley’s Unofficial Ambassadorship for Hand Knitting

Tom Daley’s Unofficial Ambassadorship for Hand Knitting

Tom Daley hand knit, unofficial hand-knit ambassador

Everyone Needs To Wear A Hand-Knitted Garment At Least Once

In a world dominated by fast fashion, one unexpected champion has emerged to remind us of the magic woven into every hand-knitted stitch. Tom Daley, the British Olympic diving sensation, has captured hearts with his athletic prowess and his passionate embrace of knitting. As we crown him the unofficial ambassador for hand knitting, let’s dive into the world where fashion meets love, one stitch at a time.

Tom Daley Hand Knit Love: from Olympic Pools to Yarn Pools

Tom Daley’s journey from Olympic diver to knitting enthusiast is as colourful as the yarns he works with. It all began during the COVID-19 lockdown when Daley, like many of us, sought solace in a new hobby.

The Therapeutic Joy of Wearing a Hand-Knit

For Daley, knitting became more than just a pastime; it evolved into a form of meditation and stress relief.

I think people would be surprised to know how much it has helped me through these Olympic Games,” ~ Tom said on the BBC, referring to his now-famous knitting sessions during the Tokyo Olympics.

From Poolside to Worldwide Sensation

Daley’s poolside knitting not only caught the world’s attention but also ignited a global movement, celebrating the power of handmade creations. His Instagram page, @madewithlovebytomdaley, became a vibrant showcase of his knitting and crocheting projects, from rainbow jumpers to tiny rompers for his son. Now, Tom Daley hand knit inspirations are symbols of love and creativity, transcending borders and cultures.

The KOCO Connection: Knit One, Change One

As Tom Daley stitches his way into our hearts, he finds a kindred spirit in Danielle Chiel, founder of KOCO Knitting ( KOCO, which stands for Knit One Change One, aligns perfectly with Daley’s ethos of creating positive change through knitting.

Danielle’s Tom Daley Hand Knit Delight 

Watching Tom Daley knit his way through the Olympics was like seeing our KOCO philosophy come to life on a global stage,” Danielle Chiel says with a grin. “If he ever decides to take a break from diving, we’ve got a spot for him on our team!”

KOCO’s Runway Revolution

While Tom Daley brings knitting to the Olympics, KOCO Knitting brings it to the runways. With a reputation for high-quality hand-knit manufacturing, KOCO has partnered with over 100 high-end fashion brands, proving that hand-knitted garments can be both ethical and chic.

The Soul in Every Stitch

What makes a hand-knitted garment so special? It’s the love, time, and personal touch woven into every fibre.

5 Reasons Why Hand-Knitted Garments Are Extra Special:

  1. Unique Character: Each piece tells its own story through slight variations in stitches.
  2. Emotional Connection: Wearing a hand-knitted item feels like a warm hug from the maker.
  3. Sustainability: Slow fashion at its finest, reducing environmental impact.
  4. Customisation: Each piece can be tailored to the wearer’s preferences.
  5. Heirloom Potential: High-quality hand knits can be passed down through generations.

 “When you’re hand-knitting something, you’re not just creating a piece of clothing—you’re creating a story.” ~ Tom Daley

Sustainability Stitched In

Both Tom Daley and KOCO Knitting champion sustainability in their craft. Daley often promotes eco-friendly yarns and supports small businesses, while KOCO takes pride in its ethical production methods.

KOCO’s No-Machine Mantra

At KOCO, we’re proud to say that our knits are made entirely by hand, without the use of any machines,” Danielle explains. “It’s not just about creating beautiful garments; it’s about preserving traditional skills and providing ethical employment.

Knitting Communities: From Olympic Villages to Rural Villages

While Tom Daley knits in Olympic villages, KOCO Knitting creates opportunities in rural villages. Both showcase how knitting can build communities and change lives.

The KOCO Effect

KOCO’s work extends beyond fashion, providing employment and skills training to women in rural areas.

Every garment we produce changes a life,” Danielle says. “It’s amazing to see how a simple skill like knitting can empower entire communities.

The Gift of Love, Wrapped in Wool

The most heartwarming aspect of hand-knitting is its power to share meaningful gifts. Whether Tom Daley’s Olympic medal pouch or a KOCO-crafted sweater, each item carries the maker’s love and intention.

Tom’s Take on Gifting

When I give someone a hand-knitted gift, it’s like giving them a piece of myself,” Daley shares. “It’s a way to say, ‘I love you, and I made this just for you.‘”

Key Takeaways: The Hand-Knitted Revolution

  1. Experience the magic: Everyone should wear a hand-knitted item at least once.
  2. Embrace slow fashion: Hand-knitting promotes sustainability and mindful consumption.
  3. Feel the love: Each stitch carries the emotions and intentions of its maker.
  4. Support ethical production: Companies like KOCO Knitting prove that high fashion can be ethical.
  5. Join the community: Whether you’re an Olympic diver or a rural artisan, hand knits and knitting brings people together.

As our unofficial ambassador, Tom Daley, shows us, knitting is more than a craft—it’s a way to weave love, sustainability, and community into the fabric of our lives.

So why not join the hand-knitted revolution? Now you can.

  • Wearing a hand-knitted favourite will wrap you in love.
  • Designers who add hand knits to their collections share the power of love and sustainability with their tribe.

Who knows, you might just stitch your way to Olympic-level happiness!

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